Angular JS with XHTML

(Work in Progress) I’m one of those guys who prefer XHTML over HTML. You get all the power of HTML, and on top of it you can use all the XML tools. That’s neat. However, some things work differently. In...

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Introduction to DNS

DNS, the Domain Name System, is the service which makes it possible that you don’t need to remember cryptic ip-addresses like or even worse 2a01:488:66:1000:523:f0aa:0:1. Instead you can remember a name, like But how does it work?

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Make Wrapper for Gradle

If you are like me, you want to build everything with make. Even when it is, actually built by something else. In my current project, the build is actually performed with gradle. But I keep typing make, and I do...

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Echo in Java and many other languages

Echo in Java is simple, isn’t it? But have you ever thought about how many ways there are to implement Echo in Java? I’ll show you some. And while I’m at it, I’ll also show you Echo in bash, C,...

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Docker Notes

This are my notes about docker and how to run it for my projects. I’m sharing them here for convenience of the teams that I’m working with. Note: This is a live document, expect changes any time.


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Gradle versus Make

Recently I’ve started using Gradle for the first time in my life. As a frequent user of GNU make, I’m curious about its features, and here I’m sharing my experiences.

Comparison of key roundtrip times

The first thing...

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The infamous Intel Twitter Survey

On 2015-01-09, I participated in Twitter Survey. It was about Intel. And the questions were more than weird. Here are the questions:

Do you agree that Intel is a brand that enables better experiences?

I strongly disagree. That is a...

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Why 2020 might be a most disruptive year

The last 24 hours have been full with headlines like “Uber CEO To Tesla: Sell Me Half A Million Autonomous Electric Cars In 2020”. But what does it actually mean? I think it might mean one of the biggest disruptions...

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Sharing Experiences with `libav`

I’ve been trying to get libav running for screen casts for quite some time now - with gaps due to travelling and customer engagements. Here’s my parts, my requirements, my experiences, what I’ve achieved so far, and what’s still missing....

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A Dispatching Makefile

There’s a make problem that has intrigued me and some colleagues for quite a while. And while I had already solved it in the past, I wasn’t happy with the solution. The problem is: A Makefile that runs the goals...

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Google Code Prettify for XHTML

I’ve been using Google Code Prettify for a while to have syntax highlighting done in the web browser. Now I’m working on a project that uses XML/XSLT/XHTML, and Google Code Prettify didn’t work with that. Here’s a description of how...

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Xrandr to modify Virtual Desktop Size

If you, like me, are using Linux since the 90ies, you might remember the times when you could easily configure a virtual desktop size. Usually, you would configure a virtual desktop size bigger than the screen size.

I don’t know...

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Git Version in Doxygen

When generating Doxygen documentation, you might want to tell the reader which version of the source code was used to generate the documentation. Here’s how to do that when you’re using git.

The ingredients are:

  • A Makefile that calls...
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Pixel vs MacBook vs Pi

When I read about the specs of the new MacBook, I was quite shocked. In order to make it maybe a bit simpler for people to decide whether or not a certain price for a certain product is reasonable, I...

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Keyboard Layout for a German International

As you might know, I’m a German in India. And my everyday language is English. But sometimes, I get mail from my friends in Germany, in German, and some of them prefer if I reply to them in German, not...

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Converting Strings to Uppercase in GNUmake

GNUmake doesn’t have a feature to convert Strings to uppercase. But hey, UNIX world is all easy. Just use a good shell, like bash :)

The demo use case is to pass a define to the C compiler that contains...

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